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ktcsthe No.1 Customer Service company enterprise representing Korea.

The Best CS Total solution

NO.1 Professional Contact Business kt cs is one of the best domestic contact business companies leading the brand power. As CS total solution enterprise, kt cs manage kt Group call center, Seoul City Hall, Dasan Call Center and KB card Call center.

114 directory service

114 Number guiding services has been the companion in life for the past 77 years.
To meet customers' satisfaction, 114 directory services provide direct/Indirect connection, smart 114 applications, and direct-connection guide services.

Competitive prominent Logistic Business

kt cs logistic business aims reasonable and convenient "Smart Life". kt cs is working for the enhancement of its distribution business for greater customer satisfaction by offering communications products at about 400 kt cs customer service channels, making its entry into the cosmetics business, collaborating with competitive venture firms, etc.

Sales Consulting Over and Beyond Customer Service

Equipped with a large pool of lecturers and sales managers as well as management expertise and optimal infrastructure, kt cs offers site-oriented consulting service for the maximization of sales by taking advantage of its expertise in sales.

Development of New Products

kt cs creates new customer value by adopting new approaches, new perspectives, and new ideas. Our endless efforts for greater customer value have led to the development of new and creative services such as battery-sharing cable 'bbaldae,' the pension information application 'pentui,' etc.

Social Responsibility Activities

kt cs has partnerships with 24 local children's centers across the country, and initiated the '4-Color Sharing Campaign' to help children realize their dreams. The 4-Color Sharing Campaign pursues activities for the sharing of culture, life, love, and talent, including the donation of blood, hair, etc. with the aim of meeting children in their daily lives, helping them develop their own talents, and giving hope to sick children.

Name kt cs
CEO Sung-Kyu Yang
Headquarter Galmaro 160, Seo-gu, Deajeon
Established June 27th, 2001
Capital KRW 23.6 billion
Employees 10,100
Business Type service
Product kt Group's Customer Channel, 114 Call Number Guide, Contact Center, Distribution Business