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Customer Service
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We offer best customer services through fast and kind responses to kt customer

Online Service

Home Product Customer Service

Telephone, Cellphone : 100

 7 Center Nationwide (Busan, Daegu etc.)

 kt Residential Wired Product(Landline/Internet/TV etc.) related customer service

 Set up or install Update and Change Services, Billing and Payment, Repair Request,
   on-site service

Mobile Product Customer Service

Telephone : 1588-0010, Cellphone :114

 7 Centers Nationwide (Busan, Daegu etc)

 kt Wireless Product (Cell Phone, iPhone, WiBro) related customer service

 Billing and Payment, additional service subscription, smart phone inquiry etc.

Offline Service

Home/Mobile Plaza

 164 centers Nationwide (Seoul, Busan etc)

 Counseling/application for kt wire-wireless products

 Billing and Payment, Update and Change Services, inquiry service

Roaming Center

Telephone, Cellphone : 1588-0608  Abroad +82-2-2190-0901

 4 centers Nationwide (Incheon, Kimhae, Kimpo, Busan Harbor)

 Roaming User 1:1 Inquiry Service

 Roaming Cell Phone/egg rental service, Additional Service Subscription