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kt cs offers total contact services from the aiming for the best-quality call-center outsourcing services for customer satisfaction.


Service Area

Implementation of Call Center

  • Offering of CS Total Solution (In-bound/out bound)
  • SMILE support
  • Contact Center facility rental service


  • Operating 60 Customer centers nationwide
    : Nation's No.1 (8,00 counselor)
  • Evaluation/consulting on the operation of call center customer services
  • Diagnosis on Customer CS management and provide solution and Empowerment training


  • Customer satisfaction through optimal human resource infrastructure Offering distinguished customer values Top-class MOT capacity
  • Heartner provide best customer service based on corporate culture
  • kt cs enforce Heartner customer satisfaction service training to all ktcs employees

주요 고객센터

Major Customer Center

kt Group

  • ktds
  • kt skylife
  • kt linus
  • kt powertel
  • kt m&s
  • kth T shopping

Local Government

  • City Hall of Seoul
  • City Hall of Deajeon
  • City Hall of Gwangju
  • City Hall of Jeju
  • City Hall of Changwon
  • City Hall of Cheonan
  • City Hall of Hwasung
  • City Hall of Yeosu
  • City Hall of Suwon
  • Chungnam provincial government
  • Gyeongbuk provincial government

Public Sector

  • Ministry of Employment and Labor
  • Korea Immigration Service
  • Korea Customs Service
  • Korea Employment Information Service
  • National Information Society Agency
  • Human Resorces Development Service of Korea
  • Government Employees Pension Service
  • National Pension Service
  • HUG Korea
  • Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation
  • Korea Minting and Security Printing & ID Card Operating Corporation
  • Teachers’ Pension
  • Korea Securities Depository
  • Seoul Agro-fisheries and Food Corporation

Financial Institute

  • Kookmin Card
  • National Agricultural Corperative Federation
  • National Credit Union Federation of Korea
  • NongHyup Life Insurance


  • Deajeon ST.Mary's Hospital
  • Wonkwang Univercity Hospital


  • Coupang
  • Yakult
  • Irevo
  • Novita
  • Home & shopping
  • Hyundai telecom
  • Booster boiler
  • samsung Everland
  • Hyundai M&Soft