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Main Services

Caller Information Search

Where is this call coming from?
When you receive a call or message from numbers that you do not recognize, the information of the caller is immediately displayed, including company name, business type, and address.

Filtering of Spam and Voice Phishing

You can now be free from spam and voice phishing.
The filtering of spam and voice phishing is done based on a DB of hundreds and thousands of spam numbers.

Back-tracking of Text Messages from Fake Numbers

the actual calling number is tracked and displayed
When a text message is sent from a fake caller ID, the actual calling number is tracked and displayed (limited to users of certain models of SKT and LGU+).

Lettering Service

Express and promote yourself.
A message designated beforehand can be shared and checked between whowho users during their calls.

Phone Number DB, Largest in Korea

114 DB, user sharing, Internet search DB
We offer fast and accurate information based on the largest DB in Korea.

100% Free Service

Enjoy the service for free!
whowho is offered completely free of charge regardless of the function you use and how often you use it.

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