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Cannel Marketing
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Service Area

olleh Communications Product Marketing

 Sales of olleh communications products and customer care based on professional
   and customized consulting service

 Operation of TV home shopping channel for olleh mobile products

 Wholesale/retail outside-of-company distribution of olleh communications

 Establishment, expansion, and operation of direct-management stores of olleh
   communications products

Operation of In-person Customer Service Channels of kt

 Customer care activities and the sales of kt communication and
   non-communication products through kt's in-person channel

 Operation of about 50 SIS (Shop in Shop) within the kt olleh plaza

 Operation of about 50 SIS (Shop in Shop) within the kt olleh plaza

 Operation of about 30 sales shops in large discount stores

 Operation of a 300-person workforce (Russel 2) for explaining and selling
   communications products at large electronics stores

Prepaid/Call Wholesale Business

 Call wholesale business based on Voip offered at reasonable fees with high quality
   communications service

 Selling of prepaid cards using the in-person channels and distribution networks
   outside the company

 Selling of kt international call prepaid cards (161 / 161 POS / Mobile Prepaid)

Product Marketing of KT Group Companies

 Synergy effects between group companies supported by the distribution of
   products of the kt group companies based on their own distribution channels

 kt telecop security service, kt linkus Lavazza coffee machine, BC card

 kt rental long-term/short-term auto rental, water purifier/bidet wellbeing rental,
   OA rental

Cosmetics Business

 Exclusive distribution of "MIOGGI" in Korea, which is hailed as the Cosmetics of
   the Korean Wave after its launch in Hong Kong in 2004

 Promotion of organic cosmetic business, centering on the direct-management
   store in Jeju-do