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Service Area

Idea Product Development

 Launch of a batter-sharing cable in February 2014, for the first time in the Korean

 Development of "bbaldae (StrO)," a mobile phone accessory

 Development of a follow-up model related to the battery charging of smart

Identification of New Businesses through Win-Win Partnerships

 "Run to Pension" App Partnerships (MOU with Eses Global Inc.)

Development of Business Partnerships

 Identification of new businesses through investment in and attraction of venture

 Identification of new businesses through support for business people of small-
   and mid-sized companies

소프트웨어 사업

 Promotion of the business of WFMS (Work Force Management System) Solution
   customized for customer centers by applying cutting-edge IT technologies

 Installation of call processing wallboards at customer centers (114, kt Customer
   Center) and implementation of counseling management system for contact centers