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Story of kt cs

'cs' of kt cs stands for customer service, and means that kt cs is a customer service provider of kt. 'cs' can have various other meanings. As we are a representative TM firm, 'c' can be interpreted as Communication, Convergence, Connect, etc., and 's' may signify Solution, Smile, Smart, etc., in addition to Satisfaction or Service. kt cs is Korea's representative customer communication company, providing customer service for kt.

CI Color

Red & Black Story
Red signifies passion, innovation, youth, and warmth toward customers, and Black represents legitimacy, calm, and trust. kt cs, based on our passion for customers and trust in businesses, will stand by you with the best services that satisfy and impact you.

CI Form

Lowercase Letters and Fluttering Flag
The use of lowercase letters emphasizes the familiarity and mildness as a customer-centered company.

CI mark

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